Financial institutions and merchants bear 94% of the cost of fraud.
Javelin Strategy & Research.
In addition to the actual fraud amount, the 2009 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study puts the cost of fraud to merchants at $100 billion.

Provide Your Merchants with Reduced Losses Due to Fraud

iXept Purchase Alert™ gives you an edge over other ISOs by allowing you to offer merchants a higher level of service and protection. iXept works hand in glove with your merchants to proactively catch fraud within seconds of the purchase. This allows you to reach out to more high risk and high volume merchants.

Criminals constantly come up with new forms of payment and identity fraud; phishing, skimming, hacking, ID theft, card number and PIN code id compromise, counterfeit cards, etc. iXept Purchase Alert™ counters that with multi-channel financial fraud detection: credit, debit and prepaid cards, ACH, wire, bill pay, and check.

Purchase Alert is an effective and affordable fraud detection tool that includes:
  • Customization and flexibility to align with policy and purchase level or    location safeguards
  • Multi-channel functionality to meet buyer and seller preferences, be it    mobile, PDA, email, land line, etc.
  • Advantages to Merchants:

  • Reinforces company image & brand promise
  • Allows customizable dialogues enabling real-time communication between buyers and sellers
  • Reduces expenses, losses, & resolution time
  • Delivers an improved account holder experience
  • Purchase Alert Setup is Easy:

  • No downtime to set up
  • Easy API integration
  • Flexible subscription pricing
  • Seasonal merchants accepted
  • How does iXept Purchase Alert™ work?

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