iXept Purchase Alert™ provides all payment processing players—merchants, financial institutions, card companies and processors—an opportunity to communicate instantaneously with any customer—without disruption at the time of purchase, and with unprecedented account holder convenience and control.

Purchase Alert™, not only advises the account holder of activity on the account, it also allows the account-holder to communicate with the financial institution or merchant, advising the either of them instantly as to whether the transaction is valid via email, SMS, text or phone call.

Select which alerts you wish to send or receive, and how they will be received.

Merchants, account holders and/or financial service providers can establish when these 2-way fraud alerts will be sent, as well as customizing the dialog of the messages themselves. Some options for sending a possible fraud alert message include:

    • Exceeding a set daily balance limit
    • Exceeding a set number of transactions executed within a period of time
    • A request to initiate a bill payment
    • Transaction score – customized setting
    • Random selection of transactions based on frequency of use

The chart below illustrates more options:

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