Financial institutions and merchants bear 94% of the cost of fraud.
Javelin Strategy & Research.
In addition to the actual fraud amount, the 2009 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study puts the cost of fraud to merchants at $100 billion.

Consumer Services, Minimize Your Risk and Reduce the Cost of Fraud

Financial institutions are continually faced with ever increasing challenges. Criminals constantly come up with new forms of payment and identity fraud; phishing, skimming, hacking, ID theft, card number and PIN code compromise, counterfeit cards, etc. As the financial institution, you absorb 100% of the risk and liability on behalf of the account holder. How can you minimize that risk?

Purchase Alert™ for Consumer Financial Service Providers

Merchant Services, Provide Your Merchants with Reduced Losses Due to Fraud

When merchants look for a financial institution to handle their transactions, how can you stand out as the obvious choice? With iXept Purchase Alert you could help merchants effectively manage risk and detect, prevent and reduce fraud and the huge monetary losses and reputation damage associated with it. Find out how.

iXept Purchase Alert™ for Merchant Financial Service Providers

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