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Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, costing consumers and businesses $48 billion a year.

Beyond the dollar amount of the fraud itself, the total cost of fraud to merchants is $100 billion, $11 billion to financial institutions and $4.8 billion to the consumer.

~2009 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study
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 iXept delivers real-time payment fraud tools that enable payment companies and consumers to detect fraud and alert accountholders in seconds.
The iXept provisional patent, application number 60/609,591 was applied for on September 13, 2004, on behalf of inventor David Grant, by the law firm of Rutan & Tucker, LLP.
Consumers enroll in iXept Purchase Alert to receive real-time actionable alerts of account activity, enabling them to instantly validate payment activity on their accounts.

iXept Purchase Alert™ Stops Identity Fraud in Its Tracks!

iXept‘s web and mobile based technology, Purchase Alert™, catches identity fraud in real-time, identifying a fraudulent transaction within seconds of it taking place.

Purchase Alert™ provides all payment processing players—merchants, financial institutions, card companies and processors—an opportunity to communicate instantaneously with any customer—without disruption at the time of purchase, and with unprecedented convenience and control.
Purchase Alert, not only advises the account holder of activity on their account, it also allows the account holder to communicate with the merchant or financial institution, advising the bank instantly as to whether the transaction is valid.
Purchase Alert is an effective and affordable identity fraud detection tool that reduces the time and monetary costs of fraud for:

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