Annually, there are nearly 10 million identity fraud victims in the U.S. with each victim averaging losses of $4,849. Account holders spend on average 24-40 hours resolving the theft of their identity or account information. Shockingly, it can take, anywhere from 18-163 days to discover fraudulent transactions.
Javelin Strategy and Research Reports, Payments Infrastructure Analysis, 2007

Take Control of Your Financial Identity and Purchasing Power

Today, identity fraud is a real and growing problem that affects more than 9 million Americans. Incidences of fraud are regular occurrences and fraudsters are highly sophisticated in their attacks, phishing, skimming, hacking, ID theft, card number and PIN code compromise, counterfeit cards, etc. With iXept Purchase Alert™, as a consumer, you can take control of your financial identity and purchasing power.
iXept provides security and peace of mind during the payment experience, and can vastly reduce resolution time, monetary costs, and all the frustrations associated with resolving payment fraud.
This system is also useful to parents that provide payment cards to their children, and to businesses that provide cards to their employees. Identify unauthorized transactions immediately, confirm purchases, and stop fraud.
Consumers may tailor what types of alerts they would like to receive so that their regular activities (such as shopping at a local supermarket) do not require the need for an alert to always be sent. Alerts can be set up for withdrawals, deposits, purchases, bill payments or any other desired account activity.
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Audit trail creation to support fraud claims
  • Single source to monitor all accounts
  • Immediate contact with financial institution upon fraud detection
  • Select the types of alerts that make sense based on your individual payment behavior
  • Learn how iXept Purchase Alert™ provides security and peace of mind to your payment experience.
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